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Celebrating National Dog Day!

Celebrating National Dog Day!

dog day

Did you know today was National Dog Day?

That’s what the internet tells me, anyway. I feel like it’s National Dog Day all the time on the internet, but I figured it was a good excuse to share some of my favorite puppy photos with y’all.

Everyday is dog day in our house with 3 dogs, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Dogs are such amazing little creatures.

They can have such different personalities. I feel like I can look at them sometimes and they just know what I’m feeling. They are always there when I need a paw to hold or a big fluffy to cuddle or hug.

They can drive me crazy sometimes, but I really wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Want to know how much we love these pups?

We are building a fence all around our property so they can run crazy and wild.

This is going to be amazing for them so they can get more exercise and have more freedom, and also for us so we can hang out without having to call them every minute.

I’m sure our neighbors love hearing “Daisy! Roxy! Bo!” all the time. 😉

dog day

They are the best little pup squad and I love them so much!!!

Extra treats today!

Show your pups off today for #NationalDogDay !

Your dog loving friend,