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Easy DIY Project: Barnwood Swing

Easy DIY Project: Barnwood Swing

We celebrated my 25th birthday this weekend and we had such a great time! It was a relaxing, restful weekend and just what I needed!

We had a baby shower to attend so we got to see lots of my family on my birthday which was really nice! Then we just rested and did stuff around the house. And it rained almost all weekend so we were stuck inside a lot but at least that made us rest, right?

Anyway it was great! Thanks to everyone for the sweet birthday wishes!

My husband decided to gift me with a couple of projects around the house and I couldn’t be happier with them!

First, he made me this swing!!! It’s amazing and I love it!

It looks so cute hanging there and is so much fun to swing on and look over our property.

We just found a cool piece of thick barnwood, got some rope, drilled some holes, and here it is!

Our rope is from TSC and it is called utility rope. It was pretty stretchy so we had to adjust it a few times to get the swing to the perfect height.

The holes were drilled in the 4 corners about 2″ from the edge of the wood. The holes need to be just a little larger than the thickness of your rope. Add duct tape to the rope ends to make them slide through the holes easily. Tie off at the bottom and cut the excess off. Easy peesy!






And I loveeeeeeeee it!!!!!




Yes I wear whatever I want on my days at home! That’s why I love living in the country!!!! T shirt, Nike shorts, and cowboy boots! Yeehaw! (I did not leave the house like that I promise!!!)

Grab a piece of barnwood and some rope, and go make a swing why don’t you!?

Just a swingin….