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Fayetteville Spring Show Recap

Fayetteville Spring Show Recap

We just wrapped up our first sale of the year! It was really cold and snowing, so the turn out wasn’t as great as we had hoped. But hey, we still had a good day! Anytime we get to practice our display, show our products, take new pictures, and spend time together is a good day in my book! Plus we met some other great vendors!


We introduced our new wedding shop line at this show! It seemed to get a lot of attention and interest! We also set up our new display grids and I am in love with them! These can sit on the table, fit in my car, easy to carry and take down, and we can hang items on both sides! This was so amazing!


Our chalkboard trays were a hit – they sold out! We also had lots of interest in our wedding shop!


It’s kind of a crazy business to be in. We make items to prepare for these shows and stock our online shops, but it’s really a whole different game when you are set up at a show and real life people are actually coming in your booth and picking up your handmade items. You can pick up on what shoppers really love, what interests them, what their eyes are drawn to, and what preferences they may have.


I really love to set up at these craft shows and meet all the shoppers!


Here’s some pics of our first show of the year!


Fayetteville Spring 2017 Show

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