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Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!!


I am excited to start a fresh new year with some BIG GOALS!


Here’s what my new year will look like:


1.Complete blogging course

I have enrolled in a blogging course (!!!!) I haven’t been posting much lately as I am trying to get prepared for that. But look for some changes and big improvements over the next year! I am super excited about this and ready to go all in!


2. Participate in more and bigger craft shows

I want to take our craft business to the next level and enter bigger shows!! Excited and nervous about that!

We have signed up for 3 shows already, and I am searching for some great ones to enter!


3. Savings Goals

Me and my husband have some big savings goals. We set a goal of how much we want to save by next year and our plan to get there.

We also want to pay off a certain amount on our house! So exciting!


4. Working out 3 times a week

This one might be tough… but I’m committed to stick with it! I have some great videos that I like to follow and some short workout plans also.


5. Go on vacation

We are planning to take a trip somewhere! Nothing fancy, but just a little getaway!


These are my BIG 5 for the year! I can’t wait to see what else this New Year brings!!!


What are your big 5?