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My Herb Garden

My Herb Garden

I just got my little herb garden planted. It is not perfect, but I love it! And my herbs need a little sunshine to perk them up! But this weekend looks like there will be plenty of sunshine in store!

HERB1 I made it out of a pallet, simply by moving the pieces around and adding legs. You could have more rows if you wanted, but this suited me best.

HERB2 This is actually my 2nd year using this. Last year, I had citronella here. This year, I changed it out to lavender (and it smells AMAZING). I just need to repaint my sign. The rosemary is looking the best so far!!

HERB3 Poor little cilantro needs some loving, but Oregano looks great!

HERB4 I am trying a different type of green onion/chive and can’t wait to see how it does this year! Yes, basil I see you need some sunshine and it is coming this weekend! Yay! I love love love Basil! I love to make fresh bruschetta with it, and use it and the oregano in my spaghetti sauce.

HERB5 Ok, everything needs a little sunshine, but they will perk right up soon! Mint is an amazing fragrance. My favorite thing to do with it is put it with lemon in my water. Soooo yummy and refreshing! Strawberry plants coming soon next door to mint.

HERB1 Can’t wait to see my little herbs thrive and get stronger and fuller.

“Life’s A Garden, Dig It!” – Joe Dirt