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New Craft Room – DIY Makeover

New Craft Room – DIY Makeover

I am so excited for my new craft work station! This is a long overdue project. I have been working everywhere around the house.

I will have one organized, and established place to work on all my projects. And I can’t wait!

I think this will be such an amazing thing for me and help me work more efficiently!

Anyone else think they spend half the time a project takes trying to find this or that?

No more of that for me! (Hopefully!)

Here is what we started with:

  • a yard sale desk and chair


I added the printer and cricut, and my husband helped me make this giant pegboard with a frame!


We got the pegboard from Lowe’s. They sell a 4’x4′ sheet for about $10. We added a thin wood frame around the back to keep it out from the wall a little, and added door/window trim around the sides. We spray painted the whole thing glossy white and screwed it into studs in the wall.


Next, I added some dowel rods also from Lowe’s. These are on the same aisle as the pegboard and are less than $1 each. I just hung them on pegboard hooks after adding my ribbon spools.

The ribbon organizer rods might be my favorite part!!!!


It kind of feels fancy! My grandmother worked for a boutique and they had wrapping paper and ribbon on the wall like that, and I thought it was the coolest thing!


I added scissors and shipped tape on hooks where I could easily reach them. Those seem like two things I can’t find often!

Scrapbook paper went in the drawers, and the keyboard and mouse are hidden in the top pull out drawer – love that!!!

I also changed the regular chair out to a computer swivel chair, and added a floor mat underneath so it will roll easier.

It’s much easier to work in a swivel chair, trust me!!


And then we added 3 shelves on the wall. This is a small corner of our bedroom, so space is tight and it might be a teensy bit crowded, but it’s better than before and all in one place!


I pull all my Cricut vinyl and mats in a wire basket above the Cricut. So all Cricut supplies are right there together!

I got this basket from my Grandma, it actually came out of their freezer! I really love it for some reason!


And all the paint went in a tub on the next shelf along with paint brushes in mason jars.

See all the paint stuff goes together. I promise to keep it this way. I promise to keep it this way. I promise to keep it this way.


I put markers in the metal bin on the top shelf. I found that for 50 cents at a yard sale!!

Glue sticks and paperwork went up there too.


I figured I might as well hang all the little stuff that gets lost. Stapler, hole puncher, wire, washi tape, sewing kit… Those all went on the pegboard.

And that open space, I’m looking for a hanging organizer I can put little bitty things in like push pins, safety pins, tacks, and small things like that.


I also think I’m going to get rid of the lamp and add some string lights. I think that would be so fun!

My mom brought me this round cork mat. I think it’s technically a plant mat, but I put a hook on the back and hung it on the wall!


It’s really coming together!

It makes me so happy to have my own little work area and to have everything in one place. I might camp out here more now. 🙂


I also have another crazy project going on…

I know my husband is glad birthdays only come once a year! He asked if I would like this project done for my birthday and I happily agreed! Not sure if he knew exactly what he was getting into.

For the other project, I am going to have a 2nd work station and storage area. (!!!!!!)

So we went to Walmart and got these cube organizers… And I thought we could put two facing each other and put a piece of wood across the top to make a nice workstation table with storage underneath…

This is how far we have gotten..


We got the cubes put together (super super easy). They were $29 each at Walmart. I know I need some better looking bins, but I think by the time the top is put on a lot of that will be hidden anyway.

We still need to add the wood top. I want it to slightly hang over and be painted white, with polyurethane to keep it protected.


My sewing machine will sit under the window, but I want this table top to be kept clean so I can spread out and really do some work.


By the way, we have plenty of Ozark Trail cups ready for custom vinyls!! I will find a better place for these.


Just imagine the top…. I think this will be such a nice work area. It’s a little tall for a regular chair, so I think I will add a stool and keep it tucked under.

I will show you an update when we get this side done!

What do you think?

I am super excited to start working in there and keeping everything organized!

I love my birthday projects!!!!