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Pick-It-Fence Junktique’s Spring Market Days!

Pick-It-Fence Junktique’s Spring Market Days!

We had such a beautiful and fun weekend at Pick-it-Fence Junktique’s Spring Market Days!

The weather was sooooo nice! Lots of people came out to pick through some really awesome antiques and vintage items, as well as some craft and handmade goods. We met some really nice vendors that I hope to stay in contact with and saw a few friends along the way!

We would love to go back and set up for the fall event there at Pick-It-Fence!

Here’s some photos in case you missed the event! And come see us at our next event in Bell Buckle, TN –> The RC & Moon Pie Festival on June 18th!


Day 1 Pictures:

junk1 junk2 junk3 junk4 junk5 junk6 junk7 junk8 junk9 junk10 junk11 junk12 junk13 junk14 junk15 junk16

Day 2 Pictures:


junk17 junk18 junk19 junk20 junk21 junk22 junk23 junk24 junk25 junk26 junk27 junk28 junk29 junk30 junk31 junk32   junk33


And a few work friends came by:

junk34 junk35

It was such a great weekend! This was our first time doing a 2 day show and we learned a lot! It’s more work, but you do get to have your shop set up longer and more time for sales to be made.

I have to brag on the owners of the Pick-It-Fence Junktique and her crew. They offered us cold waters and chips throughout both days and always asked if we needed anything. It’s nice to be taken care of like that! I would definitely recommend this show to any vendors interested and can’t wait to see what the fall show is like!

Have a happy week!