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Puppy Photo Shoot To Brighten Your Day!

Puppy Photo Shoot To Brighten Your Day!

It’s no secret that I LOVE puppies, especially my pups! They are my very best friends and the best little companions.

I truly believe that dogs are one of the greatest things on this planet. They bring so much joy into our lives.

They are always SO happy to see us when we get home, like tail wagging, tongue hanging out, just plain excited.

The excitement of getting a treat for being good, getting to go for a ride, going for a walk, or invited to lay on the couch.

I think it makes me just as happy as it does them.

There’s nothing like them. Guess that’s why they are called “man’s best friend”…

I’m starting a new series of puppy stories and photo shoots just to brighten our daily lives.

Things can get too serious sometimes, and there’s nothing like a goofy little pup to make us laugh and smile.

And remind us of what really matters.

“A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” – Josh Billings

Here’s today’s photo shoot! Enjoy!

My Daisy Girl! Daisy Doo! Love her so much!!

She is about 6 years old and is my very best friend! She is always great company.

She loves all treats, car rides, following me around the house, naps, the couch, bathing in the sun, and belly rubs.

daisy doo

Roxy Rox! I love my Roxy! She is just over a year old, and loves life!

She is rambunctious. Roxy does what Roxy wants!

She loves snuggles with daddy, looking out the window, chasing her twin Rosco, teaching baby puppy, being chased around the island, and laying on the floor.

I love this profile of her. She can be so serious sometimes, but is really very playful and fun!

roxy rox

Baby Bo!! Oh my heart! This little baby puppy is about 2 months old.

He has stolen our hearts with his sweetness and his puppy eyes.

He is growing every day and we love to see how he is changing.

Bo Man loves to gobble up food, hop around in the grass, watch his big sisters, run with the big dogs, and play with his toy lion.

I think he is going to grow up to be such a great dog, he already is a great little pup!!

bo baby

And I have to include the neighbor’s dog, Rosco. He is Roxy’s twin. He stays at our house 90% of the time.

We leave for work, and he’s on the porch. We come home, he’s in the flower bed. And I know you take my newspaper, Rosco. You stinker.

Rosco is the sweetest dog ever. He loves to crawl up in your lap whether you invited him or not.

Rosco Brown loves his ears scratched, laying around in the shade, coming out of the woods like a ninja, and playing with skunks. Stinker.

rosco brown

And Bo Baby LOVES Rosco! He sits next to him all the time. Rosco is very gentle with him. They have the same parents too!

I think Bo might end up justttt like Rosco. And I would be ok with that. Except for the skunks. No.

rosco and bo best friends