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Rockvale Craft Fair Recap

Rockvale Craft Fair Recap

We had a great time at the Rockvale PTO Craft Fair this past weekend! We spent late Friday night preparing and very early Saturday morning setting up, but it was all so worth it! It was a long day though. So long, I didn’t see the sunlight until 5 pm when it was actually going down Saturday evening. We were set up next to some amazing vendors, we LOVED our booth neighbors!!


These girls were set up at two different booths next to us, and we really enjoyed meeting them and chatting throughout the day. They even agreed to be my hair tie models!! So sweet!! And they had the cutest crafts and yummy baked goods! So tempting all day!

The day was just amazing though. We got so many great compliments from customers and vendors both. A few customers arrived at our booth, and said this is my kind of booth! If that doesn’t warm your little creative heart, I don’t know what would!

We stayed pretty busy for the better part of the day, I couldn’t even keep up with what we had sold honestly! The last time I would write things down as we sold them, but we didn’t have time at all this go around. I would say that’s a good problem though!

We even had a few special visitors, my dad and step-mom travelled 3 hours to come see me set up! My husband’s aunt and cousin came, also! So sweet of them!

rockvale14  My dad and step-mom!

Here are the photos of our setup! I have to say it was a little crowded, and we have some ideas for the next one to simplify. We are so happy with the turnout though, and so excited for our next event on November 7th in Nolensville, TN at Jenkins Cumberland Presbyterian Church.