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Spreading Positivity

Spreading Positivity

I try to be a positive person. Am I always? No, not at all. It’s a work in progress that is for sure.

I try to not let little things get me down. I try to remember all the good things in life and be grateful for what I have. I try to remember what is important and what is not.

But sometimes I need reminders.

The one place I can be most negative? Work. :/ Sometimes the long days, being away from home, and different situations I face can lead me to feeling: annoyed, negative, frustrated, flustered, quick to anger, etc, etc.

I need some color and décor in my “cube” but didn’t really want to spend money to decorate. (Secret: I would a million times more rather spend my money at home, the place I really really really love) But hey, the cube needs some sprucing!

So I went to trusty picmonkey.com and created some fun little signs to hang up.

I think these will really spruce up my area and hopefully help me to stay positive and spread positivity throughout the day. These are where customers can see them too, so hopefully they will help a few strangers as well.

Here’s the pics in case anyone wants to just print and hang, and skip the work of making them!

every day is a good day figureoutable gonna be alright positive vincent

Yes, I had to add in one of my favorite quotes from The Office!

Have a great week and spread some joy and positivity!