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The Perfect Homemade Baby Shower Gift – A DIY Project

The Perfect Homemade Baby Shower Gift – A DIY Project

We celebrated my sweet cousin’s baby shower this past weekend and I (of course) made her a gift.

I knew she liked things I had made in the past, so I was hopeful she liked this one, too!

And guess what? She loved it!

She had planned on getting one, so it was perfect!

This is what I made her:

A personalized growth ruler for her growing family!








I added their last name, some photo clips, and a couple of cute quotes.

I love the clips so they can easily change out photos of their growing family.

They can take pictures with their little one next to the ruler to see how they grow, or mark on the board and record their age each time they are measured.

What a perfect way to keep up with your fast growing kids!

We had a closet door at a family lake house we marked on, but this is cute to display in the child’s room or in a hallway!

I added the quotes “We love every inch of you.” and “Loved beyond measure.”

Tied up with some baby ribbon and ready to deliver! Just like mama! đŸ™‚


Here’s how you can make one:


6′ piece of common board/pine board

Wood stain (I use Minwax Early American from Home Depot)

tape measure

90 degree square (or something to make sure your lines end up straight)

2 Picture hangers


If you want to personalize it:

Small photo clips (can hot glue or add tacks to keep them in place)

Cricut/Silhouette machine and vinyl would be great or




  1. Sand the wood board down if necessary.
  2. Stain to your preference.
  3. Using the tape measure and a pencil first (trust me), mark each inch for the whole board.

Note: I wanted them to be able to hang the board on the wall. So, it needed to come off the floor enough to pass the baseboards. I started my board at 6″ and went up to 6.5′. If you want to prop it on the floor, you can start at 1″.

4. Go over your pencil marks with a sharpie.

Note: To distinguish between different measurements, I used different lengths of marks. Did that make sense? Here’s what I mean: You want each 1/3 mark of the foot to be a little longer, so you can easily recognize that is a common measurement. So for the 1′-2′ range, I would make the 1′ mark 2 inches long. The 1′ & 1/4″ mark would be 1 and a half inches long. Each inch mark would only be one inch long.

5. Go ahead and add your picture hanger to the back.

This way you wont mess up anything you add to the front. I use 2 D Ring hooks.

6. Add your numbers.

You can use vinyl decals like I did, scrapbook stickers, house number stickers, or just carefully paint/Sharpie them.

You can stop there if you want it plain, or continue to personalize it.

  • Add your last name, or the family’s last name that you are gifting it too.
  • Add a special saying or quote.
  • Add a bible verse.
  • Add photo clips. I get mine from the paper crafting section at Hobby Lobby. I hammer tacks in the hole of the clip to keep them in place. You could try hot glue.
  • Add a festive ribbon.

Other ideas:

  • You could paint the wood a different color, or add different color vinyl/stickers.
  • Try a chevron or striped pattern on the wood.
  • Hot glue clothespins instead of clips.

Have fun with this project! It is really a sweet addition to any nursery or family’s home. And can make a great gift!


If you would rather skip the DIY, contact me at handmade_by_ka@yahoo.com and I can do the work for you! You still get credit for a great gift!


Forever DIY-ing,



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